Re: Soft synths

David H. Bailey

On 2/2/2021 11:07 AM, Hayward Martin wrote:
I have been scanning the PGMUSIC BIAB forums an read about the Cakewalk TTS-1 synthesizer that comes with BIAB and integrates with it.   It’s not obvious (at least not to me). This is BIAB 2021, don’t know that it’s applicable to earlier versions.

Thanks for pointing out that Cakewalk's TTS-1 synth comes with BIAB! I just tested it and it is far superior to the Coyote soft-synth.

To use it I went to the Options / Midi-Audio Driver Setup and then clicked on the "Use VST/DXi Synth" check box and then a dialog opened up showing all that was installed on my machine. I selected the Cakewalk TTS-1 and then when the dialog showing that opened up I simply closed that dialog and clicked okay when the BIAB dialog suggested switching the Bass Drum Note to 36 for that soft-synth, and when I got back to the main BIAB screen I clicked "Play" and the sounds that came out were very good. Almost as good as from my Ketron SD2 or my Yamaha keyboard. After testing the TTS-1 soft-synth I went back to the Options - Midi/Audio Driver Setup dialog and unchecked that box for using a soft-synth and then aswered YES to switch the bass drum note back to 35 and got back to the main BIAB screen.

This has been a most enlightening discussion!

David H. Bailey

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