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Arthur Trinchera

I used to be good at using sf2's and plugins back in 201, then wasn't using biab until 2020 when I got the update. ( Long story) Now I've forgotten how to do it. Are there any tutorials on how to do this?
I remember it greatly enhanced the midi sounds. Right now I only have Coyote. 
Also I have a very large folder of vst but most seem obsolete now. I seem to need the little program that converts 32 bit to 64 but. I can't remember what that's called. Any thoughts?
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On Tue, Feb 2, 2021, 2:29 AM IAN GRAHAM via <> wrote:

Morning all. I posted last night as a 'reply' to the thread about soft synths and 'hard' synths, and am a bit surprised not to find it in my inbox this morning, so am reposting afresh.

Like David, I’m a long-time Ketron SD2 user. But last summer for probably a couple of months I did look very seriously and widely at soft-synths. If you’d simply like an alternative to Timbres of Heaven, there’s a GM set called GeneralUser GS which you can probably find online as an sf2. There are also a couple of abandonware sets from Edirol - Edirol Orchestral and Edirol Hyper Canvas or Hypersound Canvas. They can be run as standalones, so as virtually a self-contained sound source. Another possibility to explore is that a lot of producer effort and invention now goes into ‘plugins’, and although the majority are more controller-tweaks, there are some very good sound sources. e.g. one called !Xpand2. These last three I have added to my kit, but in the end I felt that the full sound font thing was just more trouble than it was worth, and I continue to use the SD2 as my main sound box.

Ian G.

Wales UK

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