Re: Normalization Levels on Rendering RealTracks

David H. Bailey

On 1/28/2021 9:26 PM, D F Tweedie via wrote:
Does anyone know of a way to set the normalization level upon rendering?
It appears that BIAB's default anyway it to set the track as loud as possible without clipping, This results in Peak levels of -0.5 dBFS, which is a PITA for mixing and necessitating file by file adjustments of input gain levels. I'd like to be able to set the rendering to -6 dBFS. Many files even without Normalization are hotter than this. As an example an un-Normalized even 8 Conga track came across reading -2.5 dBFS.
Maybe this is a feature 'Wishlist' campaign item, but almost any normalization plugin in an audio editor has a variable threshold to be able to raise or lower audio without affecting dynamics to a chosen level. Can't be that hard.

I can't find anything adjustable about "normalization" in any of the settings of BIAB. When using the Render To Audio File (not the Quick Render function) there is a check box for "normalization" but no way to adjust the level that is normalized to and the wording makes me wary because the popup that appears when you let the mouse pointer hover over the checkbox says it will "increase the volume to the maximum level without distortion (clipping) . . . " Do you render to audio files with that box checked? Have you compared versions with that checked and unchecked?

I have found two settings which might accomplish what you're looking for. In both the RealTracks and RealDrums dialogs within the Preferences settings there is a setting labeled "Global Volume Adjust" which by default is set at 0db. You could experiment setting that to -6db and then check the level of rendered audio files.

If that doesn't produce the desired effect then you could contact PGMusic support staff and make a request.

David H. Bailey

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