Re: Chords all flip to 'hold?'

D F Tweedie

Thank you. I don't think this could be the case. There were approximately 20 chords entered in a 32 bar chorus, only 4 of which had holds. Prior to the 'flip' and after I updated every chord and removed the holds the chord sheet showed the chords without holds in black. It was only after playing that everything flipped.

On Saturday, January 16, 2021, 8:22:38 AM PST, Gudrun Brunot <brunotgudrun@...> wrote:

Just a thought: If you enter a chord symbol on the measure you want held, then omit to enter a chord symbol on the next measure or beat, that could happen. What I mean is: if the chord you want held is the first of a sequence of the same chord being played, it's easy to leave these subsequent measures empty.


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> Has this ever happened to anyone else?
> I was working on a progression making changes as I went along with
> holds, shots and pushes to get the rhythm I wanted  and ... voila!
> everything on the chord sheet turned red and all chords entered showed
> 'holds.'
> I reverted and reentered the chords removing the holds and saving
> every
> 4 measures to maintain my reentries and the first time the song played
> correctly, but on second play went silent on all but one track and the
> chord sheet again showed all chords red with holds.
> Weird.

Weird, indeed!

I haven't run into that problem -- have you rebooted your computer and restarted BIAB to see if that persists with the saved file or whether it was simply a glitch in that particular instance running BIAB.

Please keep us posted.

David H. Bailey

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