Re: Chords all flip to 'hold?'

D F Tweedie

Thanks, David ...

No, I haven't exactly done as you as ask, but other than trying to reload the file later, I think the other issues are eliminated as follows. When I closed the file and opened another one to modify it and then later created an additional new file I did so without restarting BIAB ... so that pretty much takes care the 'restarting' aspect of your question.

I've also noted that when I push BIAB hard, i.e., style and individual RealTrack changes and bar mutes, etc. with Bar Settings and then return an edit some of those changes with regeneration things can get funky. For an example, I have a large collection of acidized files. When I audition them through BIAB, after about 5 or 6 auditions I frequently get an 'Access Denied' message and a warning to save and restart BIAB. When I do so, the file I was trying to audition when this occurred auditions normally. Also, and similarly, when selecting loops, the track file description in the mixer changes/ updates erratically. Sometimes it updates and sometimes it doesn't.

I had done extensive editing and regeneration of the file that flipped to all holds. Maybe I'm just pushing past the outer limit boundaries.

On Saturday, January 16, 2021, 2:33:34 AM PST, David H. Bailey <dhbailey52@...> wrote:

On 1/15/2021 8:29 PM, D F Tweedie via wrote:

> Has this ever happened to anyone else?
> I was working on a progression making changes as I went along with
> holds, shots and pushes to get the rhythm I wanted  and ... voila!
> everything on the chord sheet turned red and all chords entered showed
> 'holds.'
> I reverted and reentered the chords removing the holds and saving every
> 4 measures to maintain my reentries and the first time the song played
> correctly, but on second play went silent on all but one track and the
> chord sheet again showed all chords red with holds.
> Weird.


Weird, indeed!

I haven't run into that problem -- have you rebooted your computer and
restarted BIAB to see if that persists with the saved file or whether it
was simply a glitch in that particular instance running BIAB.

Please keep us posted.

David H. Bailey

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