Re: Audiophile Hard Drive Question?

David H. Bailey <dhbailey@...>

It has been my experience that you can authorize BIAB on two computers with the same serial number.

You can also continue to use your old serial numbers with the appropriate versions they came with. Purchasing an upgrade does not prevent a previous serial number from working, at least in my experience.

You shouldn't need to buy a second BIAB license to use your current version on your laptop as well as your desktop computers.

I have never purchased the audiophile versions, so I am only speaking from experience with the megapak versions. But I've had multiple versions of BIAB working on the same machine at the same time, and I've got the current version working on two different computers.

So you should be fine without spending any more money. Especially not after you've spent the cost of the audiophile versions!

David H. Bailey
David H. Bailey

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