Audiophile Hard Drive Question?

D F Tweedie

I hope my emails are going through? They seem to come back to me from the server ... but my previous two queries regarding RealTracks did not get a single reply.

Hopefully this one will bring some feedback.

So, I now have 3 Audiophile hard drives. As I understand, since I've upgraded, the program authorizations from my earlier two are invalid.

I would dearly like to be able to use the next to last one on my laptop, as the most recent one is authorized to my studio desktop.

So, here's the question (s). If I purchase a second BIAB license with just the basic software and install it on my laptop will I be able to use the data on the other hard drive with all the RealTracks?

Of, if the data is encrypted in some way (which I am pretty sure it is not), does PG Music have some consideration to let me 'authorize' use of the older Audiophile with an additional license?

Thanks for any input.


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