Re: Single phrase description of BIAB2021

D F Tweedie

David ...

FWIW I've not experienced this at all ... even when opening BIAB while my DAW, Pro Tools, and other programs were running.

But then I am on a pretty high spec'd PC purpose built for audio.


On Thursday, January 7, 2021, 4:22:49 PM PST, David H. Bailey <dhbailey52@...> wrote:

The best single phrase I can think of to describe BIAB2021 is:
Does not play well with others.

When BIAB2021 is started all by itself it works great, quick to start
and quick to compile the songs and get the music playing.

However, I use BIAB often in my private lessons which are all on-line
and I often have my browser open, my e-mail open, the Zoom or Skype
window open for the online lesson.  But with those open, when I want to
start BIAB2021 it can take over a minute and a half before BIAB is
actually ready to go.  But even then once it starts playback using real
styles can be spotty -- playing great and then an instrument or two
cutting out and then coming back in.

Curiously, if I start BIAB *before* starting my online lessons and
before I open my browser and e-mail it will function fine.

I've never had this problem with BIAB2020 or earlier versions -- I've
always been able to decide at the last minute decide to use BIAB and
start it right up and get working with it immediately.

Just thought I would share these observations -- I hope that perhaps
another new update will fix that.  The previous updates have all made
things run much more smoother, so I am hopeful that they will continue
to improve.

David H. Bailey

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