Re: Getting Windows Audio Driver to Work [was: Re: Import Charges UK]

D F Tweedie

Just got a second. Try using an ASIO driver if you have it. Should be available with your M-Audio Fast Track.

On Saturday, January 2, 2021, 3:31:57 PM PST, Nolan Allen via <nolanwater@...> wrote:

Hi, David and other BIAB forum members

I am also having trouble correctly configuring my audio interface with BIAB.

I use a Dell laptop with Windows 10 and an M-audio Fast Track interface. I am currently running 2019 UltraPak, but have purchased and will soon be downloading 2021 UltraPak+.

Currently, I have my audio preferences set to Fast Track as the input microphone and the speakers on the laptop as the output. I am using MME.
With the setup as-is, I can hear the BIAB-generated music through my laptop speakers (or, through headphones plugged into the jack) but I can’t hear the microphone (although the VU meters in BIAB move when I test the mic, so BIAB IS seeing the signal). If I plug headphones directly into the Fast Track, I can hear the mic, but not BIAB.

I’m assuming there must be a setting that will allow me to hear/monitor both the BIAB and the mic through headphones plugged only into my laptop?

I tried using my Fast Track as the output and it seemed to work (I was able to hear both BIAB and the mic through headphones plugged into the Fast Track). The sound was fine. However, after trying to record, everything changed. The signal from the laptop to the Fast Track was incredibly distorted and useless.

I understand from reading the posts related to this that audio interface features and setup vary. With the many thousands of BIAB users, I’m assuming that this audio interface question has been asked many times. If there are related posts anyone is aware of that would be helpful, please share any that you think would be useful.

I have reviewed the audio video #4 RealBand, but it wasn’t much help. My laptop does not have a plugin for a microphone, so the Fast Track is plugged in via USB.

I have a new Gemini brand USB interface on order, but it won’t be here for a few more weeks. More than likely, I’ll have more questions as I try to set that up. In an effort to get educated on how these devices are supposed to be set up in BIAB, I’m hoping there are posts, videos, or input available from forum members that will help me get comfortable with properly setting up Audio interfaces for use with BIAB.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!!

Best regards,

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