Freezing, Generating and Transposing

D F Tweedie

When I'm working on a song using RealTracks I Freeze as soon as I'm happy with an instrument. But if I later want to Transpose I'd have to Unfreeze and Regenerate.

I know I can copy a track to a Utility Track and later repitch with another program, but what I wish is that I could be sure that with the Transpose the Generate/ Regenerate would be the same as the original track I'd frozen.

I don't think that this is yet possible, but ... any suggestions?

Feature request: a specific undo/ redo for track generation so that you could go back and forth on any generation pass. Doesn't seem like it would be so hard to do as BIAB certainly knows what it uses on each Generation, so it would just have to save the setting info used on each pass.


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