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David H. Bailey

On 1/1/2021 4:04 PM, Paul Stephens wrote:
Hi everyone. I have a Roland RD 700GX super natural keyboard and using BINB now for many years.
I have a Rd 700GX .pat file so I can assign midi instruments individually but this is a pain.
Is there any way I can convert this .pat file to enable use of it as a MIDI driver map in the MIDI Driver set up options of BINB ? I dis-like using regular General midi tones.
OR is there any place to download a MIDI map and install in BINB ?

I just checked online and it seems that your synth is GeneralMidi2 compatible, so it should work perfectly with BIAB.

In the Options / Midi/Audio Setup . . . make sure that "General Midi Instrument Misc." is showing. If not, then open the drop-down list and select it. Click OKAY. The selection you make should be the active one each time you start BIAB.

If that doesn't work, there are several ways to solve your problem.

1) try copying your .pat file into the Data\Util\Synth Kits folder within your BIAB folder (possibly C:\BB or wherever you installed it)
2) start BIAB
3) in the Options\Midi/Audio Setup... dialog in the upper right click on the Synthesizer/SoundCard drop-down list and see if the RD 700GX appears. If so, select that and then click OKAY at the bottom.

Try a song and see how BIAB operates with that selected.

Another way:
1) open the Preferences dialog
2) Click on the button labeled 'Patch Map'
3) using the patch listing from the manual for your Roland synth, enter the patch number that corresponds to each instrument. The screen shows 1-64 - to access the higher listed instruments click on the 65-128 button. Once you've specified all the instrument patches, save what you've done and then that should be the active list each time you start BIAB.

David H. Bailey

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