MIDI Import Refresher For BIAB 2021?

D F Tweedie

Upgraded and poking around. Only issue so far was that the DAW plugin crashed in Pro Tools while running BIAB from its external drive. I'm waiting on a new IronWolf Pro drive to slap in my PC and install internally ... hoping that makes all run better.

I haven't figured out how to best utilize the new utility tracks for rendering a MIDI file ... but here is what I was thinking.

First on the Channel window found under Preferences, I note that the default is for all channels except Bass to have a Reverb setting of '40.' Is this same value of Reverb baked into RT rendered files? I am not talking about the RT that clearly have Reverb in the style itself for a particular, usually lead solo, instrument. If so, then I guess I want to set all to 'zero' and take care of that later in the DAW.

Second, and similarly to the above, since these are all mono tracks, I presume the pan settings upon MIDI import intended for RT rendering are immaterial other than when playing in BIAB. Please correct me if I have this wrong, otherwise I'd intend to 'zero' out those MIDI Settings as well.

My first thought ... and probably my last on this topic ... is to render the basic Bass, Piano/Chording, Drums, Guitar/ Chording, etc., and then move them all to Utility Tracks. Then go back to Edit> Copy Special ....> Copy/Move Tracks ... and assign the remaining tracks channels from the Melody track to Bass, Piano/Chording, Drums, Guitar/ Chording, etc., being sure to uncheck the previous rendering routing. Then select appropriate RT and render again until all tracks were completed. Not very elegant, but it should work. But I'd love an easier work flow?

Finally, are there significant advantages over importing the MIDI file as opposed to simply opening it and using the Copy/ Move Tracks window? I searched for a tutorial on that MIDI Import window option, but haven't found anything yet.

Thanks in advance!


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