Re: Anyone Use Plugin Boutique Scaler 2

D F Tweedie

Yes. It is particularly useful for creating chord sequences. You experiment in the program while looping your sequence using either the in program sound sources or patching to your own synth or softsynth. The loop can also be synced to your DAW so that you can listen in context with other instruments. When you have a section you like, you can drag the MIDI into your DAW or MIDI sequencer.

Scaler 2 is very comprehensive and very intuitive. It also has MIDI analysis tools and a 'live' keyboard to identify each chord as played by the program or input by you. It includes  ability to make inversions of any chord in your sequence and an instant library to audition multiple substitute chord variations for each possible chord in your chosen key. You can toggle between a display of the diatonic chords in your key or substitutes for any highlighted chord in your sequence

It's only real shortcoming is that while you can set the size of the chord blocks, e.g., 1/4 note to bar, all the blocks in the sequence must be of equal length. But of course you can rectify this once you place the sequence in your DAW by adjusting the length of the chord passages.

While you can massage the chords to create a melody line, there are a couple of other tools that lend better to that. I especially like Phrasebox by Venomode and Melodya by MusicDevelopment.

DF Tweedie

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Hi folks, 

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to Christmas, considering the crazy year it has been.

Anyone use Scaler 2 from Plugin boutique? Just had a look at this, and wondering what do people use it for in their music workflow?


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