Re: BIAB 2021 - Bailey's first impressions

D F Tweedie

In recent versions of Windows find the root drive name in Explorer, e.g., (C:), right click on the name and in the context menu that opens left click on 'Properties,' the last item at the bottom of the window. When the Properties window opens one of the tabs at the top is labeled 'Tools.' There you will find the defrag applet.

On Monday, December 14, 2020, 7:19:54 PM PST, racha via <racha378@...> wrote:

Re-formatting a HD seems extreame, when, there has alway been a disk defrag utility. WINDOWS still has one, though not as graphical as in the older versions. Just search for "defrag" and you should see it.
Note: If a drive doesnt show up in the defrag drive list, it could be because Defrag could only find NTFS drives, in which case, I'd download a defrag utility that can handle FAT32

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