BIAB 2021 - Bailey's first impressions

D F Tweedie

David wrote: "I also hope that BIAB doesn't become a subscription-based software of the sort where if you stop paying, you can't use the software anymore."

I'd bet the farm this couldn't happen. That would abrogate the terms of the license you'd paid for. Even in Canada they can't do that.

What would be a concern if they went subscription going forward would be the MAC boys with their evolving OS. That is, if your computer no longer ran the program you'd be out of luck as PGMusic would be under no legal obligation to update your earlier program to play nice with Apple.

Sibelius and Pro Tools are good examples of a 'hybrid' subscription model where you can purchase the program outright or subscribe with no terminal usage rights if you discontinue subscription. In the first case, purchase, you are supported for a year, but if you want to maintain upgrade rights you have to purchase an annual 'support' subscription.

I am very doubtful PGMusic could get away with something as heavy handed. They are not the 'elephant' or '800 pound gorilla' in the room. Whereas despite the endless litany of the demise of Pro Tools due to its high price and slow feature improvements, it is so entrenched in the commercial and professional worlds of music production and post production that its customers must submit. And I should also add integrated with a professionally focused line of hardware,

I really don't think that's the case for a wonderful product that is essentially focused on a hobbyist market.


On Sunday, December 13, 2020, 2:46:01 AM PST, David H. Bailey <dhbailey52@...> wrote:

On 12/8/2020 5:07 PM, David Brusegard wrote:
> I'm not going to opt for 2021 since 2020 works just fine.  However, is
> there is a groundswell of poor response to this release, then I and
> maybe others would consider putting a deposit (100$ plus) down on a
> future 2022 version based on a guaranteed set of enhancements.  Don't
> want to see it become a subscription based option but I think we all
> want BIB to continue being supported.
> David

PGMusic doesn't take deposits for future versions.  Put that $100
deposit in the bank and by the time you can order BIAB2022 you might
$101.00 in it.  :-)

I also hope that BIAB doesn't become a subscription-based software of
the sort where if you stop paying, you can't use the software anymore.
With the Sibelius subscription model, if you decide not to renew your
subscription you can at least continue to use the most recent version
you updated to while your subscription was active.

But it seems that the problems that I (and at least one other) have had
with our initial installations of BIAB2021 were related to the
installation process which did not work properly.  I did finally get my
BIAB2021 installation working properly with the speed of compiling songs
comparable to BIAB2020.

I am very happy (finally) with 2021.

And there's no guarantee of enhancements which will be present in a
future upgrade to any program.  They can publicize what they're working
on, but most software companies won't mention any of that until they are
very close to final release, in case what they hope to accomplish
doesn't work out.  And they don't want people to stop buying the current
version because of some new better feature offered in a future version.

I don't use BIAB as a plug-in with a DAW so I can't comment on how much
that has improved with 2021, and I don't normally use the notation
aspect of the program so I can't comment on that at this time, although
I do plan on investigating that in the coming weeks.  But the way that I
use BIAB hasn't changed in any appreciable way with 2021, so really the
benefit of the upgrade for me has been the new styles and new RealTracks
and Drums plus any improvements PGMusic made to any of the existing
RealTracks and Drums.

One feature I wish they would add (and am going to submit a feature
request) regards the StylePicker -- I wish they would add a column
labeled "Soloist" and have a Y or an N for each style so we could filter
for those styles which have a soloist built in or not.  I hate the
styles with the soloist and I always mute the soloist track if I like
the other tracks in the style.  Why they include styles with soloists
built in puzzles me -- if we want one of their soloists we can use the
Soloist function to add one.  But it's really obnoxious in my opinion to
have someone noodling around in the background for the whole song while
I'm trying to play the melody and do my own improvising.  If I could see
which styles have the soloist or not then it would make using the
StylePicker so much better.  I'm sure I'm not the only who doesn't want
to hear a soloist playing around the entire time.

But other than that I'm finally very happy with 2021.

David H. Bailey

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