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D F Tweedie

Hi Rodger ...

I have a small project studio focused on recording and mixing. I record 'singer/ songwriters' and vocalists and occasionally bands wanting either EPs to sell to their audience or tracks to put on their websites for marketing. My main interest in BIAB is for mocking up demo songs for clients, although I actually have a large collection of backing tracks as my other interest has been hosting karaoke shows.

My studio is well featured  with most of the usual software suspects, i.e., iZotope, Waves, UAD, Melodyne, etc., and respectable analog gear and microphones. I run Pro Tools Ultimate on a 10 core i7 PC.

My personal interest is mid-90s Country music ... think George Strait, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt ... and singing.


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What type of productions/music genre are you producing with BIAB.....are you producing original content?
Sounds like you have a lot of production tools.
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Thanks. I’ve mainly used Melodyne. Studio for vocal processing, but I’ll give it a try on a drum track and see how much extra work it is.

Still it is annoying to know that PGMusic obviously has the drum multi tracks but won’t make them available.
In the Audiophile edition.
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Not sure about Real Charts......I do all Midi rendering in Melodyne Studio which can do much more manipulation that just Midi rendering.  Everything is relative to workflow......even though BIAB has some very good drum recordings, being able to bring BIAB  into Melodyne Studio and render to Midi and assign new drum samples gives the greatest creative flexibility where the final drum editing can sound not only better but more highly customized for the song production/mix....but Melodyne Studio is pricey at $849
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Not sure what you mean by 'called transients.' I know what they are, but that is not what I am referring to. What I mean by 'simultaneous' hit is that if a snare and kick or snare and hat hit at the same moment in time, then Regroover doesn't do a very good job of separating them out. Bleed in multi tracks is a little different as track to track the bleed will be lower than the actual recorded performance of the mic on the instrument of interest. So snare bleed on a kick track can be gated or dealt with in various ways. But with the mixed drums such as RealDrums it is different.
I'd still like to know whether or not the RealCharts 'drum notation' is something that within BIAB can be rendered as MIDI.
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Ya its called transients and a good plugin for that is Isotope Elements 9......even with the best natural drum recording in the studio...there is always going to be bleed from the drum mics—the best solution is to convert the wav files to MIDI using Melodyne 5 Studio and retrigger new ONE SHOT high quality wav drum samples---I personally love and use XLN Audio Addictive Drums--- once your drum mapping is done inside Addictive drums you can easily assign individual outputs to your DAW and set up drum bus.
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Thanks for the tip. I have it too but the problem is that it still carries the ambience and simultaneous hits across to the drum you are trying to separate.
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as a workaround to separate BIAB drums into separate stems I use Accusonus Regroover 3rd party plugin in my DAW—dragging BIAB drum wav file into Accusonus Regroover
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Subject: [Band-In-A-Box] Drum Notation - BIAB 2021 Release
Something I guess I'm going to have to keep on wishing for is individual tracks for the RealDrum kits. I'd like to be able to process kick, snare, hats, toms, overheads and room separately.
With that in mind I'm wondering if the RealCharts 'drum notation' means something that can be translated to a MIDI file within the program so that you could export it and generate a version with a drum VSTi.
If someone know, please reply.
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here's a quick top three, in no order

  • all RealDrums have RealCharts (with accurate Drum Notation
  • Mixer has been improved with many customizable display options
  • Chord Sheet has been improved with new zoom buttons and time signature display on the part marker
  • 16 new editable Utility tracks, which can be used for audio and/or MIDI.
@DavidBailey  I heard shipping starts about Dec 8th

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