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D F Tweedie

@Dennis ...

Even were this an official PG Music forum ... which it is not, there is little to fear. PG Music would cease to exist economically if they couldn't continue to publish their 'yearly editions.'

Also, in my opinion, accurate criticisms ... meaning that in one way or another a feature is either underwhelming or does not operate as described by the developer ... are not 'negative.'

They are simply reasonable response in the vein of 'caveat emptor.'

On Sunday, November 29, 2020, 1:47:15 PM PST, DENNIS <dennismarsh@...> wrote:

Hello David
Firstly - Many thanks for all your help, comments and suggestion to the group. I have no idea how much time you spend "looking " at Band-In-A-Box ( BiaB ) but it must be considerable. So , on behalf of ALL Users, please believe your contribution is really appreciated.
Secondly - By the look at the number of comments, both positive and negative, there are obviously many more users.
I would like to suggest a warning - If there continues to be so many negatives , maybe PG music would cease to upgrade the app and in the end they might decide it does not meet usurer's expectations and not continue to have it for sale.
From my experience, and I don’t know how long that is, it is a most helpful app in my music world. I attempt to play a number of instruments and sing mostly country style and to be able to ""make" a backing track in the style and tempo and instrumentation that I like is superb.
Once again thanks for your help and advice over the years


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On 11/28/2020 5:49 PM, Media Production wrote:
> Hi David--
> As always,  looking forward if you can do your overview of the new
> changes, additions and WOW’s and your observations and comments in
> BIAB 2021.

Thanks for the vote of confidence -- I'm not spending time downloading it so I'll wait for the hard drive to arrive in a few days.  Once it's installed I'll do what I can.  I'm intrigued by one claim about BIAB to be able to alter an out of tune note and bring it into tune with a chord tone.  If so, that will certainly be a great addition!

The forum page put up by Callie announcing the new version said "...
with over 50 new features . . ." But the actual page for BIAB2021 says "There are over 80 new features . . ."

One of which is the claim that it finally is a 64-bit program, which was also a claim of the 2019 version, so not really a new feature at all!
Isn't marketing great!  Let's lie about something being a "new feature"
when in fact it's been part of the product for the past two versions!

I'm printing out as clear a list of the supposed new improvements and will endeavor to see if they really are "new features" or merely improvements on things which already existed.  One thing that bothers me is that the page listing the supposed "80 new features" includes a lot of things but then ends with "and more" but that's not a link to a different list.  It's just a generic "trust me" statement that there are more than were listed.

The page listing "10 new features to RealBand 2021" lists some of the same things that are new features in BIAB so not really new specifically to both programs making it seem like they've added a combination of 90 new features.  A semantic quibble for sure but does PG really need to brag unnecessarily about such things?  The quality of their program certainly speaks for itself.  Would a person who balks at upgrading due to a statement such as "Over 80 new features in BIAB and RealBand"
actually buy the upgrade because of the statements "80 new features in BIAB" and "10 new features in RealBand?"

But then I've always had a problem with marketing departments who feel the need to overinflate the wonderfulness of a new version and lack the confidence in the products' marketability simply on their merits.

I buy the new version because I know there are new styles, new features, improvements on current functions (some of the best-seeming new features are in the notation part of BIAB), not because of a list of not-new new features.

Oh well, stay tuned -- I expect the hard-drive with BIAB2021 to arrive on either Wednesday or Thursday, then a few days to install it and play around with it before I send a review to the group.

And please, anybody else who is upgrading please issue your own reviews of what you like/hate about the new version!

David H. Bailey

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