Re: Drum to use with 6/8 time.

Terry Mcelroy

Thanks for responding. I did end up finding a few 6/8 drums, but they were pretty much Celtic / jig type drum that didn't have the power I was looking for. I finally ended up using a rock 12/8 drum which seem to work okay. (I'm not very good about hearing drums and knowing if there on target or not. I rely pretty heavily on Band in a Box to make my song sound good.)
If you could tell me where you found them that would be great. I should have all the styles, real tracks, real drums, and MIDI drums. But I could not find more than six Celtic drums, when I looked for a 6/8 swing.

 I generally don't search drums, I just find a few real drums that seem to work for most of my stuff. But I want to try to get more involved and learn how to program them (I hope) in Band in a Box. 

Thanks again

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