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Edward Kist

I too am sorry you're having troubles.  You don't say if you had to re-load BAIB back into your existing computer or if you loaded it into a new computer.  If you have a new computer, chances are that your old computer still has a usable hard drive.  It's a fairly simple process to remove the hard drive from the old computer and buy a cheap usb interface to read the old hard drive into the new computer.  Lots of information on the web on how to do this and it's very inexpensive.  Hope this helps.

On 10/20/2020 4:37 AM, David H. Bailey wrote:
On 10/10/2020 11:08 AM, bass for Ever wrote:
My computer crashed and so I had to reload band in box on my machine, I lost all the song for band in a box that was on the old yahoo group. I like to practice my guitar, piano and bass with the program especially with the american song book songs can anyone help me how do I retrieve the information on this new format so I can practice with band in a box?

Sorry to read about your computer crash.  With the cost of external hard drives of immense capacity being so low you should consider getting one and using it to backup important files like your band-in-a-box folder with all its songs, whatever folder(s) you keep your data files in for documents you create in a wordprocessor or spreadsheet program, and other importan files.  That way if another major problem happens you simply hook your external hard drive up to your new computer and you've got all the important files right there ready to copy over onto the new computer.

This is the link to get to the same files at the new group:

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