Re: Biab2020 won't open

David H. Bailey

On 8/24/2020 5:27 AM, lastofthebarons via wrote:
I thought platform wars were over and done with. Whatever floats your boat is my philosophy.

Please don't raise to the bait of M. Vise. Do not continue this platform discussion please.

I have already warned M. Vise that if he does not stop with his anti-apple comments and start posting material which actually responds to the problems mentioned in the subject lines that I will remove him from this group.

I hope nobody else responds to this issue.

And in the future if anybody doesn't like what someone is posting, simply delete the post. Don't respond to it, don't complain to the group, just ignore it.

I read these messages every day, usually several times a day, and am working to keep this group on-topic with BIAB or related music-hardware/software issues.

Thank you,
David H. Bailey

David H. Bailey

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