Re: Biab2020 won't open

David H. Bailey

On 8/23/2020 9:06 PM, M. Vise via wrote:
People are lazy. When DOS 4 ended and Apple automated everything, critical analysis started to fade as applied to operating systems with regard to the average consumer.
The few of us that remain, know that any useful program needs a few tweeks if an open system is to be maintained. Of course, a closed controllable system will cause less aggravation, but at what price? I buy three units for one Apple product. Nuff said.
Will you please stop sending messages which only serve to remind us that you don't like Apple products.

This is the second response which had nothing to do with Band-in-a-Box, nor was it at all aimed at helping solve the problem mentioned in the subject line.

If you continue to post message which don't pertain to BIAB you will be removed from the group.

Thank you,
David H. Bailey

David H. Bailey

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