Re: Copies of biab #BiaBPrevious

David H. Bailey

On 8/23/2020 11:51 AM, M. Vise via wrote:
I have 2 high end asas laptops for the price of one apple MacBook Pro. No brained.

That really makes no sense at all in response to a question about trying to get BIAB working on a chromebook.

Unless the OS is Windows or OSx, you'd have to try to find an emulator program to try to run BIAB on your Chromebook.

You would need to contact support@... to find out the following:
1) can you unregister the serial numbers you have registered to your account as a BIAB user;
2) once that has been accomplished, can you sell your serial numbers and your outstanding copies of BIAB and upgrades over the years to another individual.

Only PGMusic can tell you whether that's possible and whether they would allow it or not.

David H. Bailey

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