Re: Old Yahoo Group

David H. Bailey

On 7/28/2020 3:43 PM, Hayward Martin wrote:
Sorry!    I realized that right after I hit send! ☹

Steve -- you did not need to report it. We all get these messages.

So far there has been 1 offending message, sent somehow by someone who is not listed as a member of this group so I can't remove him, but there have been *seven* messages complaining in some fashion.

Please from now on, if you see a message you don't like, if it's spam or a question you don't feel like answering or a message in a language you don't understand, please just delete the message and don't bother complaining about it. Complaints do nothing but cause more spam than the original spam message caused.

Thank you,
David H. Bailey

David H. Bailey

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