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Steve Thomas

Sorry if this has been answered I don't have the whole thread.  But if you're using a Windows platform I know for sure there is a "Microsoft Print to PDF" that should already be installed, and when you 'print' to it a pdf is created. And as David says, there are many others (I've used one called cutePDF before Windows included a free one).

On 7/15/2020 6:44 AM, David H. Bailey wrote:
On 7/13/2020 8:13 PM, Ted David via wrote:
Arthur, its not about the version of BiaB you have, its whether you have a PDF maker (e.g. Adobe Acrobat) so that printing ANY document has a PDF option.


There are some great free PDF printers -- just search online.  These install as a printer driver, so in any print dialog in any program you can choose the PDF printer and get very nice, easily shared/posted/e-mailed output.


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