Problems with BIAB 2020 UltraPak

Monty Harris

I have been having problems with BIAB 2020 UltraPak ver.724. I sent an email to PG Music on June 30/20 and have received nothing other than that they had received my email. The following is what I sent and in anyone has any answers, please let me know...thanks in advance 

good morning...further to my email yesterday, I think I discovered what the problem is re not being able to make chord changes in A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square. I had saved the song as a MP3 to send to my friend in Van. and kept both the MP3 and the BIAB file in the same folder. I had five BIAB songs plus the MP3 files in the folder and when I moved the MP3's to a different folder I could make changes to the BIAB song. I'll keep you up to date if this changes...thanks...
I am using BIAB UltraPakPlus 2020 x64 (build 724) on a Windows 10 Home laptop. Lately I have had so many problems that I am considering going back to the 2019 or 2018 version. If I went back to an earlier version, could I copy the styles from the 2020 version to an earlier version. I use BIAB with two different vocalists and sometimes myself as a solo pianist. I live in Mexico and during the high season I work 4-6 days a week so BIAB is very important to me. One of the vocalists goes back to Van. during the summer and we have been trying to add some new tunes but the manner the BIAB is working for me, it's becoming most frustrating. The following is a list of problems I have been having. 
I have attached the song A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square...this morning I changed the intro to the current chords. I had previously used the chords from bar 29 to bar 32. It still plays these chords instead of the ones that are shown in the intro. I have saved it, closed BIAB, reopened and used another song first...then opened Nightingale and it still plays bar 29 to bar 32 as the into. After closing and restarting 4 or 5 times it actually played the new intro correctly. 
some tunes when I change the style from Bossa to Swing, it doesn't work...drums will swing and bass keeps playing Bossa
auto find repeats does not work
count-in instrument varies...I like just sticks...I've set it to sticks and I get different sounds, some very loud
switch between A and B variation...sometimes the bass still plays in 4 when I want it on 1 and may change after 3 or 4 bars or it may not
lately if I am using a bossa style using only bass and drums and decide I want to add the guitar comp it will not play the guitar until I save, shut down BIAB and then restart
if I close the mixer while a song is being played there is a hesitation in the playback
key interpretation is poor...for example the song Comes Love starts on a Gm and end on a Gm and I keep getting the message that it's in Bb
weird display of chords that make no sense    B-9/E (P4)   Bb-7/Eb (P3)    what is (P4 or P3)

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