Re: Can Biab play jazz harmony?

David H. Bailey

On 6/2/2020 12:54 AM, jan@... wrote:
Computer says no.
I don't understand what the person was doing -- no BIAB generated bass part plays the same rhythms exactly all the time, so when each two-measure passage shows exactly the same rhythm up and down, that makes me think that the experiment was not as carefully planned as the person who made the video thinks it was.

Did the person who ran that experiment run it many different times and each time get the same result, or is this just one result? If he put that chart in front of a live bass player, how would the results differ?

What am I missing about how the experiment was carried out?

And the creator of that video seems to think that every bass player in the world of jazz would play exactly the same scale for each chord. Bass players add in some spice. Piano players leave out notes. What's the big deal?

If it sounds like jazz it IS jazz, and no amount of textbook theory will ever say otherwise.

It may well not match every concept of jazz bass playing that the person who made the video thinks should be fulfilled, but it's sure good enough and jazzy enough for me.

If it's not jazzy enough for everybody, that's life. Anybody who expects a computer jazz accompaniment program to play every passage on every instrument in the manner that individual thinks it should be played, is asking for disappointment.

BIAB's not perfect -- it's up to each of us to decide how much imperfection is alright. For me BIAB nails that very nicely -- its imperfections in the notes it picks for the chords I ask it to play are not a problem for me.

David H. Bailey

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