Re: Old Version Missing Pgm Fonts!

David H. Bailey

Have you rebooted your computer since you manually installed the fonts?

Try copying them into your main BB folder.

Then you'll have the fonts in the same places I have them on my computer. I don't know which actual version works, but I get proper display and printout from BIAB.

Good luck -- This might well be a situation where you have to upgrade to a newer version of BIAB to work with your 64-bit installation of windows10.

Keep us posted as to how you proceed and if either of my suggestions works for you.

David H. Bailey

On 5/19/2020 9:29 PM, ptrtool1999@... wrote:
hey folks
i get the message 'missing pgmus.ttf' when trying to open notation window. I've downloaded the pgmus font, as well the a font fix pack that says it will update the font to 64 bit version of windows (am running windows 10 with biab megapack from 2007).  I've manually installed the font to c:\windows\fonts and have also copied it to c:\windows\system (where the program seems to want it)
still getting the message.
anyone have any ideas?
David H. Bailey

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