Re: How Can I Make My Song Endings More Natural?

Joe Muscara

Don't go to that site. The first time I went to it, it loaded correctly momentarily and then it redirected to one of those bogus "Your Flash Player is Out of Date" warning pages. I don't even have Flash Player installed on my computer yet the warnings were made to look like they came from Flash Player.

So, just for you guys, I went back to the page and selected some pertinent text and did a search. The first result turned up the exact same article published on the Sweetwater knowledgebase.

I don't know what this site is, if they have any original content, if the Flash Player warning was a scam or if the site has been hacked, but I don't think it's worth visiting and the mod may even want to ban him and/or remove the links. I will check the others the same way in a moment.

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