Re: Melodies Using Realtracks #WindowsUsers

David H. Bailey

On 4/27/2020 11:04 PM, Mario Grillo wrote:
Hello All. Is it possible to have the melody notes use a realtrack? If they can make a chord why not just one note at a time?
It's not possible at the moment to use realtracks to play the melody.

The sounds of the realtracks are riffs that are recorded by humans and then altered digitally to be able to be used in different keys and with different chords. But the library is huge since each riff is recorded in its own little file. The realtracks library is not single notes which are combined like individual notes in a midi-based style.

I just tested this -- I used the Melodist to generate a melody and chords, using a realstyle. The melody was created with a midi instrument. I tried to substitute a realtrack piano player and what came out was a series of riffs (as had been recorded to create the realtrack) instead of the melody that BIAB had generated. Trying to put a realtrack into the melody channel rewrites whatever is in the melody channel to begin with.

You should make this suggestion to PGMusic and possibly they will include this ability in a future edition.

David H. Bailey

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