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D F Tweedie


This works ... sort of. While each hit can be separated and all the kick hits, for an example, could be moved to a separate track, the inconsistencies of bleed make it unlikely to achieve something satisfactory. A kick hit with rides ringing in the background will process very differently from one that was played at a point in time with no competing sounds.

While you could say that there is always bleed when drums are recorded live ... and you would be right ... the difference is that you have processing using gates or downward expansion available that can push these background sounds to or near the inaudible on the individual tracks so that when you go to process the sound of the kick or snare track you will have much closer to a single tone and won't be troubled by amplifying or distorting the ambient sounds in unnatural ways.

If at all possible, it would take Herculean effort to similarly process a track created from snippets of audio, i.e., the tiny bits of recomposed hits of a specific instrument.

So, BIAB, just give us the multi-tracks of the drums. You already have them as that's how you created the stereo tracks.


On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 10:58:54 AM PDT, David H. Bailey <dhbailey52@...> wrote:

On 4/21/2020 12:16 PM, Sam Buttrey wrote:
> Greetings. Can Jim Mings or someone else point us to "save drums as
> individual tracks" with more detail? I'm on BiaB 2020 under Windows, and
> I just can't find that setting anywhere. Sorry for the hassle.

The nearest thing I can see is that when we export to audio, we can
export each track to its own file.  With the drums track saved to its
own file, that file could be opened in a DAW and then each note filtered
to its own track in the DAW.  Since each instrument in the drum track is
its own pitch, that should give the desired effect of separating the
different parts of a drum kit for further editing (adding notes,
removing notes, changing the velocity of notes, etc.)

David H. Bailey

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