Re: Real drums tracks #BiaB2020

D F Tweedie

Ahhh ... Jim. How a post can be so valuable and disappointing at the same time!

Great production tips. Took most of the let down pain away. :)

But a continuing bummer on RealTracks. Individual drum RealTracks is hats over snare number one on my BIAB wish list.


On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 9:55:10 AM PDT, Jim Mings <jamesmings2@...> wrote:

Hey Sam. I realize now that my answer was incomplete. Saving drums as individual tracks is under Midi file type --- Drums on separate tracks. Then when you import the midi files to Reaper, or whatever, you save them to separate tracks and you can choose your best samples for each part. That is the way I have done it. Real drum tracks are saved as a stereo file and I don't think they can be separated. Sorry for the confusion. I have been using mostly the Real Track drums in stereo and making them sound as good as possible using plugins. That saves a lot of time and has become my usual. Plus I have had good success in inserting drum loops in the DAW from Loop Masters, etc, that have great feel. I really like the Eric Harland loops, for example. They provide a lot of energy. Then I can have 2 drum sets going, and when I get lucky they will sync just fine. Or, I will alternate drum sets to enhance the form. often times I can find a folder of drum loops, each a few bars, and I will play around with their order to fit my song and try and get the grooves and the fills to land in the right places. Reaper is the easiest DAW that I know for syncing various parts. The easiest way is to set the tempo for the DAW to whatever the loop tempo is. If you get it right then you can insert all kinds of tracks recorded at different tempos. Now choose your tempo in Reaper and they will sync. I find this much more complicated in Logic and Pro Tools.To Me! It is best to choose loops that are near your target tempo, but I am surprised how far you can go and still get good results. Again, I apologize if I have made this more confusing than it already is. If you have further questions, please ask and I will try to help. Jim

On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 12:16 PM Sam Buttrey <buttrey@...> wrote:
Greetings. Can Jim Mings or someone else point us to "save drums as individual tracks" with more detail? I'm on BiaB 2020 under Windows, and I just can't find that setting anywhere. Sorry for the hassle.

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