Re: Start with a melody

D F Tweedie

There are programs that do this by taking into account all the notes in a melody and their positioning. With the example of the note E, if the program only found the preponderance of other notes along with note E for key of either C Major or A Aeolian it would then look to where what note most frequently begins or ends a bar and suggest whether the key is more likely C Major or A Aeolian.

Then it will look at blocks of notes in some meaningful sequence, e.g., bar, 1/2 bar, etc., that can fit the diatonic chords of the key and make suggestions and alternates for chord placements.

I am not saying this is exactly how the algorithms used operate, but conceptually along these lines.


On Friday, March 13, 2020, 1:30:46 PM PDT, Bo Stottlemyer <bstottlemyer@...> wrote:

I don't see how that could work.  For example if you entered an E note, the supporting chords could be Emaj, Em, Cmaj, Am, C6, etc.  There's an almost infinite number of chords that can be played behind any note.  It depends on what you are looking to say musically.  

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