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If you want to be unsubscribed from this group, please read this short post.

I'm not a moderator of this group, nor to I have any official duties. I'm just a member and am only trying to help.

The posts are not spam. Nobody is selling anything. It's a group about people interested in the app Band-in-a-Box and it is not sponsored or administered by the people who profit from Band-in-a-Box.

This Band-in-a-Box group was once an e-Group, then it was absorbed by Yahoo Groups, and is now an io Group. Yahoo messed things up. I couldn't get into my account for years. There is a possibility you may have joined this group in past, or Yahoo may have mixed names from other groups and therefore you are getting the mails. I don't know, there might even be another reason I can't think of.

Anyway, as far as I know, you have to unsubscribe yourself. There are links on the bottom that tell you how to unsubscribe. One of them says Unsubscribe. I don't know that anyone else can unsubscribe you.

Do yourself a favor. Click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom, and if for any reason that doesn't unsubscribe you, perhaps someone who knows more about this than myself can help.

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