Re: BIAB 2019 DAW Plugin Status?

D F Tweedie

Thanks for the disappointing input!

Just like with many of our favorite sports teams: 'wait till next year.'


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Well said Joe...I think BIAB development team as small as it is has great aims to meet their timetables but then there are always hurdles with so many formats.
The one thing we can all agree on, is that BIAB real tracks are exceptional and keep better and better...and that enables a lot more customizations of productions.
There are endless possibilities for me to lift BIAB wave files and even sometimes convert to MIDI files in snippet editing to change up the genre in original song productions.
Its fun to use Omnisphere 2 in this many tools for endless potential using BIAB real tracks.
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Thanks Rodger,


Seems like you have quite a professional setup going on there, so I perfectly understand your reluctance to introduce some thing into the musical chain that would definitely slow it down.


We can only hope that PG will make the necessary improvements to the plugin in the future, in the short term I wouldn't be holding my breath that they will do so .


But hey its only a minor thing in the great scheme of things.





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