Re: BIAB CEO says BIAB has been totally rewritten as a 64-bit program

D F Tweedie

I am going to hazard a very simple explanation: you can't import a file while the DAW is running.

I believe this is the essence of the VST plugin. It is a place holder to import files into the DAW.

Every time a RealTrack is rendered or rerendered it must still then be 'imported' to the DAW via the 'place holder,' i.e., BIAB plugin.

This would be different then a VST plugin 'processing' an existing file within the DAW.

Within BIAB, on the other hand, rerendering is part of the basic function of the program, so it is an entirely different type process. Even then, there is always a slight pause, no?

I may be 'out to lunch,' but I don't think it will ever be possible to have real time rendering by the BIAB plugin within the DAW unless there is something akin to the ARA 2.0 implented.

I suspect this is also the reason that the BIAB plugin displays all the core RealTrack basic renders in the plugin ... so you can alternate between what is already imported as you would with a play list when you've loop recorded multiple takes.

I'm going to inflate a little: that my 3 cents.


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Hi David--
Thanks for your email.
I was sharing the BIAB dialogue and hoping others like you and tech heads might have some insights or explanations as to why BIAB programmer is having problems in the VST plugin where in the the standalone version it can play a render while its still loading while in the VST plugin it can not.
This is a complex technical programming question, but it appears that the coding for the new BIAB 64-bit program bbw64.exe and the VST plugin exe do not integrate well.  I think the long render times in the VST plugin are a symptom of other bugs in this early VST plugin transition.   I’m also wondering if the VST plugin helper app that runs in the background (bbw4.exe 32 bit) is part of the problem why a render can not play while its loading—only after it finishes loading.  In my workflow process--speed is essential.  The long render times make the VST plugin a major problem for me.  Perhaps others can share their issues and insights to the VST plugin dilemma.
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Subject: Re: [Band-in-a-Box] BIAB CEO says BIAB has been totally rewritten as a 64-bit program

Hi Rodger,

I read your message but I didn't see a question aimed at members of this
group, only the questions you asked of Peter Gammon at PGMusic.

I appreciate your sharing his responses to your questions with the group.

It's good to know that BIAB2019 is a true 64-bit program. It's also
good to know why people are having problems using the plug-in with the
DAW apps.

Please keep us posted concerning any other responses you get from Peter.

David H. Bailey

On 2/27/2019 9:36 PM, media_production@... [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:
> This is mainly a question for David Bailey or other tech heads out there
> about the responses I got from BIAB CEO.  I asked 2 questions below and
> here are the answers from BIAB CEO.
> **
> *_QUESTION 1_*
> *I asked if  BIAB 2019 program has really been totally rewritten as a
> 64-bit program  or does it use wrappers to wrap the old 32-bit code.  Is
> it some sort of a wrapper so that it
> interacts with other software as a 64-bit program but internally still
> 32 bit? *
> **
> Here is the reply I got--
> **
> Yes, biab 2019 has been totally rewritten as a 64 bit application.  That
> is bbw64.exe and you just need to run it and confirm that.  It doesn’t
> need any helper apps to run and would run on a system that only supports
> 64 bit and not 32 bit.*    The VST plugin however is a 64 bit
> plugin.*    It *does use* a helper app In the background. (bbw4.exe 32
> bit).  We will replace that helper app with a 64 bit version compile
> (free update) early in the New Year, *but it won’t change any
> functionality or speed.*
> **
> *_QUESTION 2_*
> *Why does the new 2019 BIAB VST plug in feature---the rendering take a
> lot longer in DAW's in both Ableton and Presonus Pro in multiriff mode
> and in general with the generating.  Why does the rendering take a lot
> longer in the DAW's and why is it faster in the BIAB standalone.  I for
> one as many do-- appreciate fast render times and being able to quickly
> stay in the creative zone and not have excessive render times.*
> **
> Here is the reply I got--
> This would and does have nothing to do with 32 vs 64 bit.  The render
> “speed champion” is actually RealBand.exe which remains a 32 bit app.
> The reason it’s faster than the plugin is that it processes the wav less
> (doesn’t add reverb, panning etc.)   We plan to speed up rendering in
> the plugin and get it as fast as realband for example, which is also
> faster than the main bbw.exe program. But none of that changes at all in
> 32 vs 64 bit.
> Stay tuned for updates with faster render times (less wav processing).
> We will preserve an option to render with the full wav processing for
> those who want that.
> **
> Hi Peter--
> *So I have asked the CEO of PG Music--*
> I know its only been 3 months since you said you are working on
> replacing the 32 bit helper that works with VST 64 bit plugin and
> working on faster render times in the VST 64 bit plugin, BUT as I
> understand-- the VST 64 bit plugin version is much slower in rendering
> because it does not perform as the standalone version where the
> standalone version begins playing the render while it is still rendering
> and the VST 64 bit plugin waits until the render is completed before
> playing it-- hence much longer render times.
> So the million dollar question is-- is there a IT programming solution
> to increase the VST 64 bit plugin render times where the rendering can
> still play while it is loading.   Your solution hints at new code that
> eliminates less wav processing-- doesn’t add reverb, panning etc but
> what about the rendering file playing while still going thru the final
> rendering---is this going to be possible?
> I love your top of the line audiophile wav software and I want to see
> the fastest render times at the highest fidelity rate that equals or
> exceeds RealBand rendering times or my workflow process can not work
> well in BIAB VST 64 bit plugin mode which I GREATLY WANT AND APPRECIATE.
> *  I would pay higher prices to have the "King of the Land BIAB VST 64
> bit plugin DAW integration wav rendering at the fastest speed and hope
> your IT resources can soar*
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