D F Tweedie

Get yourself a free MIDI editor like Anvil (google it.)

Open the file you want, identify the channel with the melody and delete all the other channels. Also remove the General MIDI patch information from your channel with the MIDI file so you are free to select any voice you want from your sound source. Then save a 'save as' version.

Now this MIDI file should have only the melody you want and when imported it should go right to BIAB's melody track ... where you can pick the sound source of your choice.


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Thanks for the hints. I have tried to go thru the process as suggested by the manual and your hints and am thinking that due to my lack of success and the resulting frustration I will simply get along without those "Stinking Midi" files !    I was only after them for the melody lines as they are difficult to input  by hand. The Midi files do go in GarageBand just fine. However there I cannot alter the tempo, key etc. I will have a friend of mine with a Windows version see how well they work into RealBand. Perhaps once there , they can be adjusted and then converted back to BIAB  ?

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