D F Tweedie

A very short and fuzzy-memory challenged reply as to how I remember from earlier versions.

1. Use BIAB File Manager to 'import' the MIDI file.
2. The file will be loaded as a Type 0 file where all the MIDI tracks are are on separate channels on a single MIDI track.
3. You then need to go deeper in the program to find that track (stumped on this at the moment) and move the tracks of interest to the other MIDI tracks available in BIAB, i.e., Drums, Bass, etc., that are programmed to specific MIDI channels when you compose if you want to be able to easily play them back from your selected sound sources.


PS I am sure David or someone else will rescue both of us from this shabby reply.

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I ran across a website that has a large number of lyric and chord listing for songs of interest to me. The site also includes a MIDI for most of those songs, as well as links to a youtube video of performances of each. Very useful. I have tried to load the MIDI to my BIAB (MAC 2016) using , to the best of my ability, the instructions given in the manual, with little success. Am I just doing it wrong, not understanding the process, or is it perhaps a weakness in the Mac version vs the Windows version ? Suggestions solicited.

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