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D F Tweedie

Hi Rodger ...

I was only commenting on the text Larry sent that indicated that the program install went by default to 32 bit and then if you wanted to run 64 bit you had to go into the BB folder and find the 64 bit exe file to run it.

My comment was 'surmise' regarding the fact that having installed dozens of programs with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions I'd never seen a single one where you were't given the option of which you preferred to install (including both if you wished). This led me to question how much of the structure was still old code, as opposed to a new 64 bit write.

Someone else previously mentioned that there had been speculation on the PGM forums about it being cobbled, but I don't recall who ... or still have access to the email where it was mentioned on this forum.


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Can you copy and paste the verbiage you found that talked about 64 bit code being cobbled in existing code---I’d like to read that in more detail—appreciate that if you would.
Sooner or later we should know how the new code was done ensuring a nice new start with new upgrades that are solid in code and not just wrappers.   When I talked to PG it sounded like they had 1 programmer but you would think they would have an IT dept.....I know things are laid back in Canada but yikers   (don’t ya know canada talk ; ))
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Thanks, Larry!
I'm thinking that this is pretty klunky-funky (I've never come across a program that didn't give you the option upon install as to whether you wanted to run 32 or 64 bit).
It also suggests that the 64 bit was cobbled upon existing code elements as opposed to a clean re-write.
I'm no coding expert, but this sounds weird.
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Saw this on PGMusic's website and thought it might be worth sharing with the group here . . .
By default, when you install your Band-in-a-Box® 2019 for Windows the 32-bit version will run.

The steps to run the 64-bit version are simple! Just head to your "bb" folder and choose the "bbw64" icon - you'll notice that the Band-in-a-Box® "splash screen" will state "64-bit" as the program opens.
(and if you open the 32-bit version, the "splash screen" will state "32-bit")

Still not certain which version you're running? Within the program, go to Help | About Band-in-a-Box - it'll either state:

Band-in-a-Box® for Windows
Version 2019 (604)
<--- the number in brackets is the build number - this will change as new patch updates are released
64 bit application


Band-in-a-Box® for Windows
Version 2019 (604)
<--- the number in brackets is the build number - this will change as new patch updates are released
32 bit application

Hope this helps someone else.  It did me . . .  lol ☺
Larry Gibson

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This Riffstation looks looks like it only loads mg3 files—and not wave files.
Is anyone using IK Multi Media Amplitude ---free plugin for BIAB and there is the paid version Amplitude 2 or Amplitude Max.
You can actually take  guitar  BIAB Real tracks (with Direct outs or clean recordings) and change the guitar patch using Amplitude......very cool for guitar composers.
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> Hi folks,
> I am not sure how many of you use the ACW in BIAB to get a rough idea
> of  the chords of a song.
> I have not used it a lot tried, it a few times, discovered it was not
> for me.
> A few years ago I bought software called Riffsttation which is not bad
> at for finding out the chords.
> I think it has a great GUI and great for learning songs has looping
> features etc.
> Anyways for those who haven't heard of it before the good news it is now
> free and can be downloaded from,
Wow! That is a fantastic little program! I just installed it, ran it
on a file and it was 100% accurate with the chords! The file was a
Richie Havens song "High Flying Bird" which is mostly him strumming
guitar, so it might be easier for the program to work with, but it is so
much more efficient than the Audio Chord Wizard in BIAB!

Thank you very much for sharing that with us -- I encourage everybody
who has ever spent a lot of time trying to figure out the chords to
various songs to download it and give it a try. It may not be this
accurate with every song, but having just run the same song through ACW
in BIAB, Riffstation is far more accurate than ACW! Riffstation showed
6 different chords, which is much more in keeping with Richie Havens's
playing than the 12 or so different chords, many with jazz chord
extensions, that ACW showed.

Thank you!

David H. Bailey

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