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D F Tweedie

Hi Neal ...

Yes, it is way more easy and intuitive to use. A couple of examples beyond all the sub menus you have to set in Cubase Chord Tracks ... and Chord Tracks one great advantage: the capability to bend the notes in a MIDI file to conform in key to a chord progression.

You can alter the length of the notes produced under the chord, as opposed to having them all same length under the Cubase chord symbol.

You can quickly generate series of chords following different cadences after selecting the key chord using not only majors and minors, but also modes.

You can identify scales that will play nicely over your progression.

The identification and selection of substitute chords is simpler and more  immediate than in Cubase.

Finally, it is much easier to tweak and adjust your progression than having to move, delete, chop chords on the Chord Track.


On Saturday, December 8, 2018, 9:26:22 AM PST, Neal Walters neal@... [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:


Scaler sounds interesting ... can anybody compare it to Cubase's Chord Track functionality?

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On 12/8/2018 12:15 PM, D F Tweedie bienpegaito@... [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:
Ian, you might take a look at this. It is not actually a plugin per se, so a DAW isn't necessary. You are still left with the issue of capturing the output if you want to save/ tweak it ... but you presumably could record it into a MIDI program.

I've used it ... but now prefer Scaler.


On Saturday, December 8, 2018, 12:55:08 AM PST, Ian Graham idgraham@... [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:


Hallo, all

I picked up on an earlier reference to Scaler, and looked it up online.

It looks like a terrific tool, at a good price, and certainly plays to
certain interests I'm following at the moment.

My hesitation is that I don't use a DAW as such, so would have to get
into that, in order to use Scaler, if I understand right......A rather
intimidating prospect.

Is there anything similar that would run as an independent application ?

Many thanks

Ian G

Wales UK

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