Re: Anyone tested out the new Vsti in BIAB 19.

D F Tweedie

Rodger ...

Respectfully, I don't think this poster knows what he is talking about.

The only type of 'real time' VSTi I have come across are MIDI ... things like Scaler, LiquidMusic, RapidComposer, etc,which can trigger some other hosted VSTi in the DAW.

What the poster expects would only be possible were BIAB VSTi a full fledged ARA 2.0 plugin hosted by a capable DAW, AFIK, only Reaper and Logic are capable, though I am not sure about Studio One? Cubase has promised to implement this. This would of course be highly desirable ... but realistically a long time coming, if ever.

Locking of playback with plugin GUI available within host is actually plenty and a step beyond Rewire.

Regardless, if things are otherwise stable in the Biab VSTi, I can see this still being more useful than the 'drag and drop' implementation for working in a DAW.

First, everything will be immediately accessible. You won't have to store a bunch of audio conversions you don't really want in some folder you have difficulty finding later.

Second, the used BIAB styles, instruments and files will be saved within your DAW ... at least as referenced by by the BIAB VSTi plugin, for future work.

Those things alone will really enhance workflow.


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Thanks for sharing that URL link Joe.  Below in quotes is a comment about the VST- feature from one user in PG forum that brings up more questions for me if  BIAB VSTi code is written as a shell app, but then it;s from a user who has “apprentice” in his experiential level so maybe some techs savvy’s can dive in on this and clarify.

“its a disingenuous con.  The thing isn't a VST plugin in the sense we might expect at all. This "plugin" doesn’t pipe BIAB MIDI into the DAW HOST api to play back VIs in the host. NOR dos it pipe ANY audio into the DAW host audio pipeline.  Its merely a shell app written inside a VST - no MIDI or audio output. All it can do is obtain the tempo from the host. And maybe song position pointer info.... maybe... And if one drags MIDI or audio tracks from the VST into a DAW track and changes something in the BIAB song and regenerates.. .... ONE HAS TO DRAG ALL THE REGENERATED TRACKS BACK INTO THE DAW ALL OVER AGAIN..What a wonderful waste of time.”
So if anyone can explain some questions I have.  I don’t know of any VSTi instrument where after you drag from VSTi gui to DAW track timeline and then go back to VSTi gui app to do more changes & edits where it automatically updates changes to the wave or Midi file on the DAW track timeline.  Only ARA technology like Melodyne does this that I know of.  Isn’t the whole idea of “drag to DAW” feature in VSTi’s suppose to be for taking a final edit or building block piece to DAW timeline with potential do further slice and dice edits in the DAW.   As in most DAW you can always convert a wave file to midi or a midi file to audio and do further editing in the DAW.  So I would appreciate what well known or top VSTi’s  that can do what this user claims  BIAB VSTi can not do. 
Everyone has different work flow methods and I appreciate others sharing on this.   In Presonus Studio One Pro,  I use the incredible Scratch Pad feature so when I am using VSTi plugins where I have maybe several versions of a song piece I like,  I will drag several versions onto the DAW song project scratch pad  section of the timeline.  And then I do my editing later in the DAW.  But dragging to a DAW track and then later doing more editing in VSTi gui and expecting the changes to automate on the DAW track seems unrealistic to me.
Another user on the PG forums states— “I have been able to generate just one bar by making the song one bar long and unchecking the lead in and ending buttons.  I have not been able to highlight the bars then generate just them bars even though the video shows this being done.”  I’m optimistic that BIAB VSTi will be able to “generate bar by bar” seamlessly without any hick-ups as this is one feature I would use and hope to see others saying this feature works OK in Presonus Studio One Pro.  
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Subject: [Band-in-a-Box] Anyone tested out the new Vsti in BIAB 19.

Hello Folks,

Totally on the fence as yet regarding upgrading to Band In a Box 2019.

If I do decide to upgrade using the new VSTIi would be one of the main reasons for me to do so.

I would appreciate any feedback from users on here who have used it, and what are you opinions as regards it usability now and in the future?

At the moment I don't know what to think, and reading threads on the PG forum doesn't make it any clearer for me, such as the one below.

( if links to forum threads are not permissible on here, please let me know)

Many thanks for your kind help.


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