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D F Tweedie

Rodger ... a small point.

I didn't mean that BIAB should implement ARA 2.0. Rather that the BIAB VSTi was ARA 2.0.


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Yes I totally agree—it’s really a VSTi plugin.   And I agree that having Real drums on separate tracks would be a great feature.  I think others should send their wish lists into this thread then we can have a better collective voice of features wanted.  And then workflow patterns and requests can be more readily recognized.
I don’t see a problem with BIAB not being ARA—as long a BIAB wave file like any wave file is moved to a Presonus track, it can instantly be opened in Melodyne which is ARA armed in Presonus.  For my workflow, less and less of the BIAB gui is used and more reliant on Presonus DAW.  I would never want to open Melodyne in BIAB; much easier to use Presonus for this
After watching the BIAB VST feature on You tube video  I’m sold on this.  There are many benefits of creating new workflow using Presonus Studio One Pro integrated with BIAB capabilities.   The BIAB  “multi riff” feature only works in VST version---and looks like a good way to quickly see and hear 7 alternative solo versions when in solo mode
Another great workflow with BIAB VST opening in Presonus is when a new idea or multiple ideas hit from BIAB real track auditions, you can quickly drag onto Presonus scratch pad----which is available in any song project timeline—a duplicate timeline adjacent to the main timeline.  This is a great way to not lose any time when working on something but quickly multi task and grab a BIAB idea or BIAB instrument groove and throw it on scratch pad for later work on another part of the song.  This process will be much faster with VST version opening in Presonus DAW.
The 64 bit BIAB rewritten code is no small feat.......this is a huge accomplishment that will enable a lot more innovation and features to be implemented in the future.  I would suspect that improved and more efficient looking GUI will be designed with more robust features coming in future releases.
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I  am going to be 'snarky:' this is undoubtedly not a VST plugin, but rather a VSTi plugin ... aka a 'Virtual Instrument.'
There are many MIDI and audio compositional VSTi plugins already ... waveDNA RhythmMusic or MusicDevelopment RapidComposer come to mind for examples.
Now, it this were really 'cutting edge,' it would be an ARA 2.0 plugin ... which I am sure Rodger knows all about.
In the meantime, I am doubtful if you could do any better than his current setup of Studio One and Melodyne ... BIAB VSTi or no.
The one thing that would excite me about a new BIAB offering would be RealDrums with separate tracks for kick, snare, hats, toms, etc.
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Hi David--
Can you or others share how the BIAB VST plugin works or is suppose to work within its feature capabilities.
In my studio set up, I have my DAW open on 2 computer Monitors and have BIAB open on a 3rd computer monitor and I drag and drop wave files from BIAB into my DAW.    It’s very fast and the wave files lock to my host tempo.  I can easily drag BIAB files into Melodyne Studio 4 (opens in my Presonus Studi0 One Pro DAW) change pitch or change notes in a chord or convert to midi files and then trigger other VSTI instruments in arrangements.  I’m not seeing how BIAB could be better integrated into my work flow—but I’m totally open.
I am wondering what features are available with this new  BIAB  VST plugin—does this mean BIAB opens inside a DAW?  This could potentially cause more CPU processing in my DAW and cause more hick-ups and crashes.
I would appreciate any input about the potential use of this new VST BIAB technology  and where it is now, where it can go and how new future applications could be used with this feature.
Obviously there must have been a lot of requests for this VST plugin as BIAB follows requests, wish lists, feedback and complaints in their new release versions.  I look forward to hearing any opinions or capabilities in the use of BIAB VST plugin.  Maybe BIAB development team has many new technology advancements in mind with future versions that are going into the virtual domain with BIAB VST plugin technology. 
Maybe someone from BIAB development team will let me know if this is a major roadway for BIAB.  I know the marketing director at BIAB and after I get all the feedback from others on this list, I can be more aware of the group’s interest, likes and wish list for BIAB  VST plugin.  Maybe BIAB is looking to bring in 3rd party developers for future Plugin Apps that work in BIAB? 
I could also use this VST Plugin topic feedback from this group forum for negotiating a group discount on BIAB upgrades that we talked about last year.  What I would propose to BIAB marketing director, if everyone was in agreement-- a master list of everyone who wanted to upgrade would be created with with the person’s name, email address, BIAB product and year purchased and then I would ask BIAB to create a coupon code(s) for the proposed discount percentage.  Then each person could use their applicable coupon code for their individual purchase.  Some people might want to upgrade from last year, others might be 2 or 3 or more years ago, so I would think different coupon codes would apply.
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On 12/2/2018 10:26 PM, Larry Gibson jamline84@... [Band-in-a-Box]
> For those interested, BIAB 2019 for Windows released a couple days ago.
> The new feature I am most excited about is the included VST plugin that
> works in a wide range of DAWs.

Thanks for sharing that information with us -- I had been checking over
the past week, but hadn't checked in a couple of days so I'm glad to
know it's available.

However, other than that new VST plugin (which is of no use to me), I
see nothing of interest to make me want to buy this new version. I've
listened to the samples on the web-site (not all of the links to listen
work!) and while they sound very nice, they're not of the sort that I
make use of.

Yes, the 64-bit version offers the ability to get playback through a
wider variety of plug-ins, but that's not of great interest to me.

So if you want a true 64-bit program and the new VST plugin to use with
a DAW, this is a great upgrade.

If you plan on continuing to use BIAB as you have been with 2018 or
2017, this may not offer you anything other than new realtracks and real
styles which may or may not fit with your musical style. They don't fit
with any of the uses I make of BIAB, so I'll be passing on this 2019
upgrade. The first time ever.

David H. Bailey

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