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Thanks, David, but that's not it. ( What that does, is:  if you have more than one part displaying in Notation, it repeats the chord names/abbreviations above every stave (!!!!) )

I'm almost starting to doubt myself now. But no, I'm sure somewhere there is a tick box (just like that) which puts a simple (non-rhythm-articulated) notation of the harmony onto the solo track. I'm not sure it even 'sounds', it's just a sort of short-hand note.

I'll have to sleep on it. I may wake up remembering it.............

Ian G.

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> Somewhere, there's a setting by which, when you export to midi, the
> chording is blocked in on the soloist track ?
> I very rarely use it, but at this moment, it would be very useful! And I
> can't remember how to invoke, and I can't find it. Have checked the
> various midi tabs (and most others) in Preferences, and can't see anything.
> (Oh, dear, the passing years.....!)
> A reminder would be greatly appreciated !

I'm not sure if this is of any help, but in the Options/Preferences
dialog, when you click on the LeadSheet button, in that dialog is a
checkbox for "show chords above each track." I don't know whether that
affects the midi output or not, but it's worth a try.

I don't see anything in the Save As Midi File/Options which relates to
showing the chords on any particular track.

Sorry I can't offer better help -- please let us know if/when you figure
it out!

David H. Bailey

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