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If this is a duplicate, pardon me. I sent it off a couple of hours ago, and haven't seen it in the queue.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for posting.

I liked the overall approach very much. More down to earth than the Dell Shannon version and not as funky as the Bonnie Raitt version (I also like both of those).

There are things I liked about both mixes. I actually liked the less massaged vocals in mix 2 better than mix 3. I liked some of the guitar fills and the end guitar on mix 2 quite a bit, and was blown away with some of the guitar work on mix 3.

Your recording and mixing chops are impressive. I've never taken the time to learn that, and always trusted the guys on the other side of the fish tank glass.


Side trivia note: I was playing at the Parkway Tropics A-go-go lounge in Grand Rapids MI (I hear it's a titty bar now, back then it was a singles club) and Del Shannon used to come in, so I got to meet and talk with him.

The bartender forewarned us "Don't let him sing" I didn't ask why. Perhaps the club was tired of him sitting in. Perhaps the traveling bands might not have known his song in his key and made him look bad. I don't know. He didn't ask.

I've seen him do this song live on TV and he did a nice job so I don't think that was the problem. He seemed like a nice enough guy and was comfortable with the music biz. I would have liked it if he sat in with us.

BTW, at a return engagement to that club, the Animals were on tour and Eric Burdon and his drummer sat in with us, then we went to a black bar after ours shut down and jammed with the band, and then a bottle club until dawn.

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Here, I have opened the stems in Reaper and added guitars: Two acoustics that i played and two gypsy jazz rhythm guitars, and the solo guitar. Then the vocals. This took two 8 hour days..... You certainly get to know the song...

Here is mix 3. I redid the solo and massaged the vocals as best i could. I tried several ways to harmonize the vocal and ended up using the built in BIAB harmonizer. It is good. I took the vocals out and sent them to Sound Forge and made them more of an ensemble. I then brought them back to Reaper and copied them until the vocals were the foreground. There ar e many plugins on it. I am afraid I now have Pluginitis.......a new form of GAS.

for the fun of it:


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