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At the risk of sounding obvious. Try using MIDI tracks, they are thousands and thousands of times more editable than Real Tracks.

And especially with bass, a good MIDI sound module isn't that expensive and will last decades with 95% of the sound of a real bass.

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I did not know you can cut and paste and erase in Real Tracks into a master instrument part.  Can you explain in more detail how this is done in BIAB.
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Sure. Make two bass tracks. Choose simple style bass part for one. Then, perhaps, a busier bass style. You could then cut and paste into a master bass part, or simply mute or erase what you don’t want. It takes a few minutes and maybe a little practice, but this is a good way to work.

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Is there a way, using RealTracks, to get the bass to play only (or mainly) roots in the first and last chorus?

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