Re: looking for someone to program some songs in BIAB

David H. Bailey

On 5/25/2018 8:20 PM, [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:
Hello members, I am limited by time and talent to program songs into my BIAB,  Is there someone out there who can assist, either in training (online) or actually programming what I want, in which case I will gladly compensate,
When you say "program songs" are you asking for someone to create an accompaniment file for you in order for you to play the melody and do any improvisation you wish? Or will you want the melody programmed also?

D.F. Tweedie has suggested some training videos, plus there a number of free videos on using BIAB at

You should also consider checking out the many fakedisks that Bob Norton sells at <> [disclaimer: Bob sells a couple of my fake disks in addition the many he has programmed plus some by others as well] You may find that the songs you want are already programmed --
all you have to do is buy the fake disk, unzip the files into a folder on your hard drive and then you can alter the song form (number of choruses, endings, etc.) to suit your desires and change the tempo or the key to make it fit. None of the fake disks he sells has melodies included.

David H. Bailey

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