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David pretty much covered it.

The demos for the expanded styles are set up for an expanded style. Load one up, and you will see that the tempo is actually half what the number in the BiaB window says it is and that two BiaB cells equals one 4/4 bar of music.

If what David wrote and what I added still doesn't make sense, let me know.


On 5/25/2018 4:12 PM, Jim MIngs jmings2003@... [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:
Thanks David and Bob. I am still a little confused. thank you for putting up with an aging mind. So... if I want to have the ballad play at 60, I enter the chords at 60 and pretend that 2 measures are one and play back at 120? That sounds strange when i do it....and doesn't produce what i expect. Are there demos of these expanded styles in action that i could use as templates?

Thanks a lot. You gentlemen have been so helpful to me


Thanks. That was different from the way I explained it, and perhaps even better.


On 5/25/2018 2:40 PM, 'David H. Bailey' dhbailey52@... [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:
On 5/25/2018 1:00 PM, Jim MIngs jmings2003@... [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:
Bob, may I ask you a question? Sometimes I don't get the simplest 
things....I can't figure out how to manipulate the expanded styles. I 
know the extra subdivisions are available, but i don't know how to use 
them. I'm missing something. Please help and thanks again.

I'll try to explain things, then we'll both know whether I'm right when 
Bob jumps in with his response.

The expanded styles are recorded at half-the speed they should be played 
back at.  So if it should sound best at 120bpm, Bob designed it 
basically in "slow motion" so that when it is played back at double 
speed, it sounds as if it's being played at 120bpm.  Then when you set 
your song to be played at 240, it will sound as if it's playing at 120.

Then when you enter your song's chords into BIAB's chord entry screen, 
each measure on the screen is actually a half-measure of your song, so 
you need two measures in BIAB to enter the chords for one measure of 
your song.

Since BIAB won't allow more than 4 chords per measure, you now have 8 
slots to enter chords in for every measure of your original song.

Example:  If you have a song where the first 4 measures have a new chord 
on beats 1 and 3 of each measure like this:  C (2) F (4) | Dm (2) G7 (4) 
using a Norton Expanded style you would enter that in BIAB as:
C (2) (3) (4) | F (2) (3) (4) | Dm (2) (3) (4) | G7 (2) (3) (4) |

And if you ever had a measure which was like this (Rainbow High from 
Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber): B A G E D B A E (each chord on an 8th 
note) you would enter it using a Norton Expanded Style like this:
B, A G, E | D, B A, E| and it would sound like one single measure when 
it played back.

The Norton Expanded Styles aren't for most songs -- although if there's 
something Bob did in one of them that isn't in any of his other styles 
you could certainly use them for any song.  They're really for songs 
which need more than 4 chords in a single measure.

And they can be hard to wrap your head around until you experiment with 
them a bit, and then they make perfect sense after you hear how well 
they work.  Bob discovered how to break through PGMusic's pigheaded 
insistence on no more than 4 chords in a measure, something I've never 
understood beyond the fact that the coding at the core of the program 
hasn't changed much in all these years and it would take a complete 
rewrite of the core code to accomplish that.  I bet that's something 
that PGMusic simply can't afford to undertake since in reality it is 
rarely needed.  But when it's needed, it was sorely lacking until Bob 
devised the expanded styles.

Now to wait and see if I explained things correctly!


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