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David H. Bailey

On 5/25/2018 5:45 AM, [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:
Somehow when I try to use BIAB 2016 all I get is the drum part playing. I have checked and none of the other parts are muted. Have I hit the wrong setting or something like that? Any help would be appreciated.

Having some more information will help us figure out the problem:

What device are you using for playback?

Are you using a style which has a mixture of realdrums plus all the other instruments as MIDI?

Have you perhaps set the volume levels for all the other instruments to zero?

Is this the case for any/all styles you try? For any/all songs you try?

Can you give us the name of one of the styles you're having this problem with so others can test it and see what the problem might be?

Do you perhaps have the option checked which allows BIAB to substitute RealDrums for MIDI drums (Preferences dialog, RealDrums Settings tab)? If that's the case and you have your midi playback device either off or turned down you would still hear the RealDrums but nothing else.

As your song is playing, open the Mixer window and see what sort of levels are being generated for the other instruments besides Drums. Ctrl-shift-M will open the floating mixer window if it's not already visible on your screen. If you can see activity in the different tracks in the Mixer then it's something to do with your output device(s). If there's no activity in the different tracks, check the Volume slider for each instrument to be sure it's above zero.

I know how frustrating this sort of problem can be and hopefully when you provide more information someone on this list will be able to help solve the problem.

David H. Bailey

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