Re: Mings/ Norton arrangement

james mings

Thank you, Kevin. I payed Bob Norton 33$ for some styles. this groove is his. He also used this song as a demo. I thought the mjidi file sounded real good when I chose some fave instruments to play the parfts. Then i lucked into this arrangement via the BIAB files i have saved. I just filled BIAB box a couple of times and moved everything to Reaper. There are some real tracks mixed in there, and everything was at least 2 tracks. Pretty pumpin on my little 41/2 in. Presonus monitors. The guitar is a Jazzmaster; about 4 tracks of the same audio in space to try and keep the energy up. Everything else is midi.
Thanks for thew comment about mastering. I am the beneficiary of the new wave of mastering plugins. This sounds like the IK TR 5 Master match 1990's pop preset.... all over it. I have turned 35 year oldĀ 
cassette tapes in to sweet sounds. Thanks for listening,

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