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David H. Bailey

On 5/24/2018 4:35 PM, Jim MIngs [Band-in-a-Box] wrote:
Hi Roger, I have Logic on a mac and Reaper on windows 10. I also use Sound Forge. I used Digital performer for many years with various tape machines. I like Focusrite Scarlett interfaces and have used a few others. I have Native Instruments, TR 5 from IK as well as Sample Tank, Aria, Garritan, Sforzando. I have collected a few plugins from Bias, Plugin Alliance, Waves, Melda, Arturia, and a few others. I love Sound Toys. I like to use drum loops and have found a lot of cool sounds at Loop Loft.  I like all kinds of music so i might do Jazz... or something else.
I did try and make specific questions about audio settings and Buffer size in BIAB.

It is my understanding that the buffer size as set in a program such as BIAB or Reaper or Sonar or any such are only for that particular program, and should have no effect on any other program. That should remain the buffer size for that particular program, though, until you change it.

The one situation where this may not be true is if you're using an ASIO driver such as Asio4All for all your programs. In that case you may set the buffer size in the Asio4All program and not specifically in BIAB. I believe that once you set that buffer size in Asio4All (or any other Asio driver) it will remain at that size until/unless you change it again.

At least that is my understanding and has been my experience as I remember it.

David H. Bailey

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