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Hi Jim--
What other programs are you using?  It would be good to share what programs you’re using and how it helps in your productions, and the style/genre  of music and why you chose those programs such as VSTI’s,  loops or others .  It also might be a lot better to bring everything into a DAW and use that as a master sync rather than trying to use BIAB as a master sync. 
I like using BIAB Real Track wav files uncompressed and bring those files into my DAW and use with Midi files, loops, stems and I’m using the best DAW for my productions—Presonus Studio One 3 Pro.  Once I bring in a file into my DAW, tempo, sync and formats are all easily integrated.  If you are not using a DAW, this might be a good time to upgrade your work flow and have much more creative media assets management and capability.

Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2018 8:36 AM
Subject: [Band-in-a-Box] audio and BIAB

I have 3 options in audio settings: ASIO, MME, and WAS. I seem to experience chatter in each to varying degrees when recording audio into and out of BIAB. Also, audio is out of sync a good percentage of the time unless I freeze all tracks and that still can be out of sync. I am also experimenting with buffer size. A smaller size for recording and bigger for playback. This is a hassle. Is there a good compromise? When I change buffer sizes in BIAB does it affect buffer size in other programs? Is there a magic number? I realize that there are many better ways to record audio than BIAB, but it would sure be nice to get decent recordings while one is writing without having to drag files from program to program. Decent recordings happen sometimes. ;-) The stars have to be aligned... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jim Mings

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